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Limbic Community Outreach Program

The Limbic Community Outreach Program is dedicated to expanding student’s community involvement through volunteer opportunities aimed at reaching long-term care facilities. Students are able to make hand-written works to send to clients/patients with various neurological disorders sharing encouragement, as well expressing appreciation for staff/care workers in these centers.

Projects Available

  • Students will have the opportunity to partake in different handmade projects every two weeks. 

  • If students choose to work on a project on their own time for a certain week,  there will be a deadline each Sunday.

  • Projects can include, but aren’t limited to making cards, letters, poems, or writing short stories.

  • Students may write about encouraging topics such as what inspires them, their hobbies, a favorite quote, or something else that is uplifting.

  • Projects will be sent out to the long term care centers either mailed physically or emailed

Blue and Orange Mountain Climbing Essent
Blue and Orange Mountain Climbing Essent

Requirements and Special Recognition

  • Students will be able to receive 1 volunteer hour for the completion of 3 projects (can all be the same or different variety)

  • Volunteers are expected to send a picture of their projects to The Neuroscience Establishment when finished as verification

  • To receive hours, students must write a short reflection on the significance of their projects once finished.

  • Volunteers are expected to keep track of their own hours.

  • Select students who complete an exceptional amount of projects (above 15 - 20) in one month will receive special recognition. They will be awarded certificates and their photos, along with some of their projects, will be featured on our website.

Recent Projects

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