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The Neuroscience Establishment

Building knowledge for all aspiring scientists


We're so excited that you're here to explore all the opportunities we have for you!

The Neuroscience Establishment strives to provide students with virtual shadowing, research initiative programs, volunteer opportunities, neuroscience workshops, and many more!

By joining our organization, you can receive verified volunteer/service hours, valuable leadership experience, and dig deeper into your knowledge of neuroscience. Join our organization by completing the general registration form below!


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Neuro Sessions

The Neuro Session is a virtual volunteer opportunity! You can gain valuable volunteer hours and show your commitment to medicine! Every week, we will be posting a slideshow here, on our website. You can review it and submit a short summary to the Google Form at the end of each slideshow to gain great volunteer hours!

Corpus Callosum Research Program

The Corpus Callosum Research Program is a 10-week research program.

Session 7: December 4th, 2023 -February 11th, 2024. After completing the program, the virtual science fair and research journal are excellent places to display your knowledge.

Virtual Shadowing

Virtual Shadowing

New virtual shadowing opportunities give students a closer look at professionals in the field by examining their work, which includes treating concussions and other brain injuries. Get involved and watch a first-hand experience with neurologists. Click below for more information on dates and times.

Hypothalamic Newsletter

The Hypothalamic Newsletter is a monthly newsletter with the purpose to educate using current neuroscience research/medical news. If you would like easy access by receiving the Hypothalamic Newsletter in your email, please sign up as a member using the Google Form below.

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Pre-Synaptic Workshops

 Join a workshop organized by our team to learn the fundamentals of Neuroscience. Each workshop will be around 45 minutes to thoroughly teach a unit. We will have presentations, games, and activities to further instill the material in our future neuroscientists! Finally, we will have a virtual volunteer opportunity for our members to utilize the knowledge that they gained from our workshops to help the surrounding community.

Limbic Community Outreach Program

The Limbic Community Outreach Program is dedicated to expanding student’s community involvement through volunteer opportunities aimed at reaching long-term care facilities. Students are able to make hand-written works to send to clients/patients with various neurological disorders sharing encouragement, as well expressing appreciation for staff/care workers in these centers.

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